Snow days!

18 Jan

ImageI’ve been told about a million times since coming to Kiryu that the winters are cold and windy but there isn’t much snow.  This has mostly held true (much like Delaware, minus the winds, since Delaware is relatively flat)… up until last weekend, when I woke up and was alarmed to find that everything outside my window was white.  Once I got past the shock (and annoyance that I would have to go out in the snow to run errands), the view was actually quite nice.  The mountains were completely obscured from view by the snow, but watching it fall on the buildings and things around me was quite pleasant.  

ImageOf course, as I learned having a car in college, snow is a huge pain in the rear, and while now, I don’t have a car to have to shovel out, like Delaware, Kiryu has an ice problem. Usually, after it snows, the weather is warm enough that the snow partially melts, and then at night, it freezes again, freezing the roads and sidewalks in a layer of ice.  This makes it basically impossible to bike anywhere without skidding and wiping out on the sidewalk, so on Tuesday morning, I was forced to walk my bike the majority of the way to school.  Additionally, salting the roads doesn’t seem to happen very thoroughly here, so all in all, the snow was, as always, a pain.  But at least it looked nice while it lasted. 


2 Responses to “Snow days!”

  1. Stefan Raffetseder January 30, 2013 at 7:28 am #

    I just found your entries today and have been reading them feeling ever so homesick – my home is in Kiryu and I miss home so much, currently I am in Australia trying to find work back in Kiryu or somewhere in Gunma or Tochigi, your diaries are great and very refreshing.

    • jetsetjoshu January 31, 2013 at 12:53 am #

      I’m so glad you enjoy them. Thanks for reading!

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