Happy birthday to me!

5 Dec

Despite the fact that it’s much less exciting now as an adult than it was when I was a kid, last weekend was my birthday!  To celebrate, S and I naturally headed to Tokyo for a fun weekend.  We had essentially nothing lined up for Saturday and planned to spend the day shopping and eating (who wouldn’t want to spend a day like this?) and then on Sunday, we had tickets to see a play, Johnny’s World.  Despite it’s… more-than-odd name, Johnny’s World was supposed to be a play to celebrate the fact that Johnny Kitagawa, president of Johnny’s and Associates, has recently achieved three Guinness world records, and both Sexy Zone and Hey! Say! JUMP were to appear in the show, so… of course, S and I got tickets.  Additionally, since a member of Hey! Say! JUMP shares my birthday, we had hoped that there would be a little something special– often, at concerts, on members’ birthdays, the other members bring them cake or some other surprise.  And so, it was with high hopes that we headed to Tokyo on Saturday morning.

ImageWe first headed to the Johnny’s Shop (naturally) and spend an obscene amount of money on photos before crashing at the McDonald’s on Omotesando street in Harajuku.  We go to this McDonald’s essentially every time we’re in Tokyo, but this time was the first time we managed to get a seat near the windows, and we were surprised and pleased to find that there was a very nice view. Omotesando is a much more ritsy area of Harajuku than, say, Takeshita street, and it looked quite pretty with autumn leaves on the trees.  It was nice to enjoy the view… despite the fact that it was, classily, from a McDonald’s.

ImageFrom there, we headed to Ikebukuro, where I picked up some Christmas gifts for my little sister, who will be coming to visit soon, and some supplies for work.  We meant to look for a winter coat for S, but by the time we made it to the mall, we were so exhausted that we ended up sitting in Starbucks for an hour instead. After that, we remembered that we needed a birthday gift for C, so we browsed the mall for a while, but came up empty handed.  Eventually, we gave up, and instead hit a Mexican restaurant in the Sunshine 60 mall– yes, there are Mexican restaurants in Japan.  They’re fairly rare and, in my experience, overpriced, but I was craving it, and even if it was overpriced, it was delicious.  At this particular restaurant, it seems as if they make the tortillas and such on site, because they’re always really good, and this time was no exception!

After dinner, we headed back to our hotel!  We usually stay in Otsuka, just outside of Ikebukuro where there are a lot of cheaper hotels.  I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about hostels and super cheap hotels with only one bathroom on the whole hall or cockroaches everywhere, and I am definitely not the sort of person who can deal with that, so S and I go for slightly more expensive (~¥4500 a night) places that have their own bathrooms and no bugs.  The rooms usually have complimentary tea, a TV, a blow dryer, and a shower/tub, and the rest is sort of here or there (sometimes you get weird art on the walls, sometimes there’s a radio, sometimes there are more or less mirrors, sometimes there’s a desk lamp, etc) They’re not exactly beautiful to look at and some seem like they haven’t seen renovation in quite a few years, but they’re always clean and perfectly livable, so for one night, we like them.

ImageThe next day, we went to see Johnny’s World!  It was being held at the Imperial Theatre… and sadly, it’s probably the only play I’ll ever see there, since I don’t go see big mainstream plays or musicals all that often.  The place was decked out with decorations heralding Johnnys’ 3 Guinness world records, including a lovely almost-life-sized image of two representatives from Guinness giving the records to a particularly popular Johnny’s idol, surrounded by the rest of the cast of the show.  This photo is particularly hilarious due to how uncomfortable basically everyone in the photo looks, and to make things better, quite a few girls were posing with their favourite member for photos.  Oh Johnny’s.  It doesn’t get any classier than this.

ImageWe found our seats fairly easily; we were all the way in the back of the balcony, but we had a good view of the stage anyway.  When we got there, a screen showing the Earth was the only thing on the stage (perhaps “Johnny’s World”?), but throughout the show, there was basically nothing that didn’t happen.  They basically seemed to want to use really involved sets and props, turn tables, waterfalls, wires, etc just because they could… and so they did.  The story of the thing (or… somewhat lack thereof) was ridiculous and hard to follow; a guy who kept messing up a show was taken away to some magical land to be taught the importance of going on (or something?) by his magic-using producer, who eventually died in a tragic waterfall accident, and whose actor came back playing himself.  The Titanic, the Hindenburg, Moses parting the Red Sea, outer space, the 47 ronin, and angels were all involved, and unnecessary English (spoken by the one idol in the show who’s fluent, thank god) abounded.  That, and Johnny’s invented “Tricember” aka the month after December.  Yeah, I really don’t know.

But! It was fun to watch anyway, and we saw the member get his birthday celebrated (sadly without cake), and we went home happy.  So all in all, even if the show was incredibly bizarre, at least we had fun!


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