Another birthday post!

19 Nov

ImageLast weekend was one of the other new ALT’s birthdays, and to celebrate, we went out to dinner!  There are a lot of great izakaya in Kiryu where I often get dinner with my friends, but on Saturday, we decided to try something new: Chinese food!

Despite being Chinese and having eaten real Chinese food plenty, I have a huge soft spot in my heart for bad fake Chinese food.  What isn’t delicious about pork fried rice or chicken with broccoli? It’s a guilty pleasure for me in America, and so I was really looking forward to trying the Japanese varient of Chinese food.  Unfortunately, the place we were going wasn’t a buffet or a really run down store-front, but, in fact, its own free-standing building that was very clean and well-decorated, but the experience did share a similarity with many of the Chinese restaurants I frequent in America in that the people working there didn’t speak Japanese very well, and communication got a little difficult at times.  But the food more than made up for any difficulty there! Sadly, I couldn’t find any pork fried rice or chicken with broccoli, but we did have some really delicious beef with green onions and chicken with cashews, and their fried dumplings were amazing.  Also, they did a great karaage, too– S and I are huge karaage fans and try it everywhere we go, and despite it being a Chinese restaurant, their Japanese fried chicken was stellar!

I’m definitely looking forward to going back there again sometime~ But maybe once I stop hiding inside from the freezing wind.  


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