More adventures in Tokyo

2 Nov

ImageAfter a long break (read as: two weeks) S and I headed back to Tokyo last weekend to meet with friends!  We’d both been busy doing various things when we went in (you know, important things like seeing concerts and plays and shopping) but this time, we specifically went with the purpose of seeing friends.  We wanted to meet with some of S’s friends from her time doing study abroad, but one of them was busy, so we were only able to meet with one of her friends, unfortunately.  Also, I wanted to meet up with a friend from Bryn Mawr, who is studying abroad at Temple this semester.  So, we gussied up and got up early (a feat for me) to head into Tokyo last Saturday morning!  In terms of gussying up, recently, braided hairstyles have been in here in Japan, so I’ve been perfecting my braid pollyanna.  I think it looks pretty good!

ImageWe were meeting my friend for dinner on Saturday, so we moseyed around Ikebukuro for a while first before catching up with her at Meijiro station, from where we headed to go grab CocoIchi!  As I (may have?) mentioned, CocoIchi is my absolute favourite fast food chain in Japan, and I eat their curry as often as possible.  We don’t have any close to me in Kiryu, so I have to get it in Tokyo while I have the chance!  Also, my friend, B, had never been to a CocoIchi before, so of course, this situation needed to be remedied.  She enjoyed it, and I’ve finally reached a point that I don’t feel like I have to order my absolute favourite curry (chicken katsu curry) every time, and I branched out to try beef and vegetable curry.  It was delicious!

ImageAfter dinner, the three of us headed to Shibuya to nose around.  There’s tons of shopping in Shibuya, but S and I prefer Ikebukuro so we can get our fashion and our idol goods all in one hit, and so we hadn’t been in a while.  When we arrived, we were surprised so that that Johnny’s had essentially taken over Shibuya crossing!  Not only did they have their normal billboard and a half, but they also had expanded to cover two more!  The two largest billboards were advertising Johnny’s World, the show they’re putting on to celebrate getting two Guinness world records last year, and the half-billboard and another one slightly farther away were advertising Sexy Zone’s new(ish) single (the one I bought for S’s birthday).  All in all, S and I were surprised and delighted, and being the cool kids we are, we had to take a photo.

After shopping, we crashed at a Dotour in Shibuya to chat and eat deserts.  Unfortunately, my dislike of sweets struck and I didn’t get to eat much, but chatting was fun and my matcha latte was delicious! With that, we bid B goodnight and headed back to Ikebukuro, where we were crashing at P and R (the friends who had the live in Gunma)’s apartment while they were away.  Thanks P and R!  It was awesome of you guys to let us stay while you weren’t around.  It meant we got to sleep in instead of waking up for a hotel’s early check out time, and we also got to watch morning TV!  All in all, a good night and morning.

ImageFrom there, we headed to Shinjuku to meet with S’s friend from Study abroad.  We were supposed to meet at the Shinjuku Station South Exit… but Shinjuku station is like a freaking labyrinth and we were unable to find it, so she had to come rescue us from the West Exit.  Sad.  From there, we went to the Shinjuku Lumine, where we decided to find lunch at the floor of restaurants there.  There were a lot of options, but we decided on a place touting itself as Hawaiian cuisine.  I’m not sure how authentic it was, exactly, all things considered, but the food looked really good, as did the desserts, which were fancy pancakes covered in various sweets like ice cream, whipped cream, fruit, cookies, and even cheese cake.  We waited obscenely long to get in (I don’t know why there was like a half hour wait to eat at like 2:30), but eventually, we were seated, and after we ordered, our food came relatively quickly.  I got an avocado hamburger… which turned out to be gigantic and impossible to eat either as a sandwich or with a fork or knife.  It was a mess, but it was also quite tasty… even if I was forced to remove the cheese sauce… which seemed to be mostly plastic, or something.

ImageWe also ordered two deserts between the three of us, but… that turned out even to be too much.  The pancakes were about the thickness of four or five normal pancakes, leading me to feel like they actually shouldn’t be called pancakes at all, but… regular cakes.  They had tons of toppings on them, as well, and while they were really delicious, there was just too much, especially after eating a huge burger.  The two that we ordered were the Hawaiian pancake, which had mango whipped cream, mango sauce, regular whipped cream, raspberries, and pieces of pineapple on it as well as a New York Cheesecake-topped pancake with strawberries, strawberry sauce, oreo cookies, ice cream, and whipped cream.  They were both amazing, and sometime, I want to go back and try some of the other flavors that they had, too!

ImageAfter lunch, we headed down a few floors to shop.  Specifically, I was looking for a winter coat, but every one that I had seen so far wouldn’t close– I tend to be a bit larger than the average size in Japan.  But finally, I found a peacoat style coat that fits me!  Hurrah!  It was expensive, but hopefully that means it will last me a while~ It was a productive end to a fun weekend.


2 Responses to “More adventures in Tokyo”

  1. Lauren Olivia & Co. November 2, 2012 at 2:47 am #

    This brought back memories of a holiday season I spent in Japan. I was addicted to the sushi-go-rounds.

    • jetsetjoshu November 2, 2012 at 3:30 am #

      Ah, yes… I’m also a fan of kaitenzushi! Thanks for your comment.

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