things that make me really cool, part 46592048

1 Nov

ImageAs I mentioned in a previous post, since the last time I updated about it, I’ve been to see the Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou movie four more times for a total of five.  And you know what?  I’m not ashamed.  It’s a really amazing movie for a variety of reasons, and is probably one of the least problematic pieces of popular media that I’ve seen in Japan, if not ever.  So I’m okay giving my money to that.  And honestly, if you get the chance, I would highly recommend it the drama and the movie.  The plot is… expected of a Japanese drama in its silliness, but assuming you can tolerate it and the first three episodes, which are less engaging as the characters and plot are introduced, I think the whole thing is very enjoyable.

But at the very least, I haven’t been going alone!  I’ve taken two of the other new Kiryu JETs (besides S, obviously; she’s gone with me every time) and am happy to report that both of the friends that I brought have liked it, as well!  It makes me really happy that I get along with the other Kiryu JETs as well as I do, and it was really fun to go to the movie and then go shopping or get food together afterwards.  I’ve hung out with this particular friend, K, a bunch of times before (she loves shopping for clothes as much as I do!), but I’ve always forgotten to take a photo of it, so I’m glad that I finally remembered!  I promise, I actually have friends other than S, I’m not making it up…

ImageOn the movie front, one disappointing thing is that my theatre has consistently been out of goods since opening day.  Yes, that’s right… in Japan, there are goods that come along with movies.  For less “popular” movies it’s usually just a pamphlet, but for movies aimed at young people or simply movies that make a lot of money, there are a variety of offerings.  For example, when I saw Harry Potter in Japan, there were shirts, keychains, jewelry, postcards, and a variety of things aimed at both kids and adults.  For the Bakaleya movie, the range was a little narrower; for both the female and male characters, there was a shirt, a set of stickers, a notebook, a pencil board (a popular item in Japan used for putting under the page currently in use in a notebook to keep the writer from making an indent into the page beneath) as well as the pamphlet. I had really been hoping to get some of these, so I was disappointed that there were none at my theater… but luckily, J is a lifesaver and picked some up for me at her theater in Yamanashi!  Hurray.

ImageAlso, while we’ve been seeing the movie, S and I have been able to try out a bunch of different restaurants in the mall, and we found a really great place with all you can eat bead!  What else could you want in life?  The restaurant itself is a generic yoshoku place with overpriced hambagu and the like, but the bread bar totally made up for it, and on top of that, they had another item I’d been craving: Caesar salad!  I’m a sucker for vegetables made unhealthy by fatty dressing and croutons, so I was really excited to see a Caesar salad on the menu.  It was pretty good and not something Japanese that goes by the same name but is actually completely different (this happens!), so I was happy.  It’s the little things in life, right?


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