Makeup woes

1 Nov

I apologize that it’s been a long time since my last post!  Truth be told, my life really hasn’t been that exciting– work has been fine if a bit tiring, and I’ve spent my weekends either in Maebashi or Tokyo doing the things I normally do for fun (shopping, hanging out with friends, seeing the Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou movie 5 times…) I’ll be meeting a friend from high school/college who lives in Mie this coming weekend in Tokyo, CT, and it will be her first time in Tokyo, so I’m looking forward to showing her around.  But as of right now, I don’t really have much to report back on beyond the fact that it’s gotten suddenly really cold in Kiryu and I can never feel my toes while at work anymore.  My life is difficult.

Speaking of my life being difficult, something else I figured I’d post about: I tried Japanese drug store makeup the other day.  For those of you who know me, you might know that in the US, you’d have to pay me a lot to use drugstore makeup.  In terms of makeup, you definitely get what you pay for, in my opinion, so I never buy anything that you could get at Wallgreens or some such place.  But since coming to Japan, I had heard rave reviews of various drug store brands, including a few American bloggers who loved them so much they paid extra to have them sent to America.  And so, warily, I decided to give a particular drugstore brand a try… after all, it was shimmery (a must-have in Japan that much of my American makeup lacks) and in a shade that I didn’t have, so it didn’t seem like it would be that bad.

But unfortunately, I was disappointed.  While the makeup was a nice colour and very shimmery, it wasn’t very pigmented, and it took about 100 coats to get any colour to show up on my eye.  On top of that, while it looked good when I finally got it on, by the end of the day, most of it had worn off.  All in all, I was highly disappointed, which is depressing, because now I need to find a new shimmery green eyeshadow.

Like I said, my life is difficult.


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