Let’s go to the movies~

17 Oct

On Saturday, S and I headed not to Tokyo but to Maebashi… and not for a boring orientation like last time!  This time, we were headed to a popular mall by the train station to see a movie!  You may remember that, a few posts back, a saw a movie poster in Tokyo for the Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou movie.  This weekend was opening weekend for the movie, and so S and I went to go see it!  We loved the drama, and we were very excited (and a bit worried) for the movie version.  As it turned out, the movie was amazing, and we had a great time!  We also got the chance to get a bit of shopping, and now know of a new mall, so if we ever get tired of Takasaki, we can hit Maebashi instead!

We started our day with lunch at a coffee shop in the mall.  There was actually a food court in the mall, something I hadn’t seen before in Japan, but I decided I didn’t want to deal with the crowds, and so we got lunch sets at a place the S knew had good chocolate croissants.  She had a hot dog, but I got something the was labeled “cheese and bacon French bread”… which, true to its word, seemed to be sort of like a bacon and cheese pizza-style thing, except on a baguette rather than crust.  It was actually quite good, as were the croissants, and was a good start to our day before hitting the movie theatre!

Also, while shopping at the mall, we got to show off our nails.  As I’ve mentioned before, I love nail art, and while we’ve been hesitant to do anything to extreme due to our jobs, I discovered really nice nail stickers at a local department store and couldn’t resist.  We did nail art in the member colors– Japanese boy bands often have colors associated with them, for whatever reason– and decked our nails our with jewels.  It was very exciting, since for whatever reason, in America it’s a lot harder to find ridiculously jeweled-out nail art stickers~

All in all, it was a great weekend!  The movie was really awesome, and we’re going to see it again today after work… even though we ended up seeing it twice on Saturday.  That’s just the sort of cool people we are~ We’ll probably see it again this weekend, as well, and are taking various friends with us each time… so if you live in Japan and were thinking of seeing the movie, we highly recommend it~


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