Rain, rain, go away

19 Sep

ImageRecently, the weather has gone from deathly hot here to deathly humid.  There had been typhoons in the south, but up here in Gunma, it’s simply very rainy.  In fact, some of my friends have had school canceled for heavy rain or typhoon conditions, and I heard that in Tokyo is was pretty abysmal, but we’ve really only seen nasty weather, drizzling or medium-heavy rain with the occasional thunderstorm.  Grey clouds have been appearing on and off on the horizon, threatening if not actually pouring rain, and the humidity index has gone from something like 80% to 100% humidity, joy of all joys.  

ImageSince I only own a bike (rather than a car or any covered form of transportation), this rain is all very unpleasant for me.  I happened to find rain gear left in my apartment, a black plastic cover that makes it look sort of like I made a death-eater costume out of a trash bag, and have used it once.  It keeps me dry enough, but not so dry that I’d feel comfortably going out into the rain and then going straight to work… too bad I don’t have any other method of getting to work, so it’s either endure the rain or lose my job.  Alas, first world problems.  

ImageHowever, this past weekend, we had some really interesting weather.  I got a text message from S saying that it started raining incredibly hard at her place (about twenty minutes from mine by bike), but when I looked out the window, I saw blue skies.  However, when I glanced up again a moment later, I noticed clouds blowing nearer, and that visibility of the mountains and landscape around my apartment was very quickly decreasing.  I realized after a second that the whiteness that was blocking my view was not mist or fog, but actually sheets of rain coming down hard and blown about every which way by wind.  About a second later, my balcony was soaked, and I was enveloped in the intense rain.  

ImageBut then, about five minutes later… the rain blew past and suddenly, I could see blue skies and green mountains again.  Besides the soaked sidewalks, it was as if nothing had ever happened.  It was very odd, but I suppose Gunma weather will just take some getting used to!  For now, I’m trying not to feel as if I’m swimming around work in this humidity.  


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