13 Sep

ImageAs I mentioned before, my life is rather boring.  I get up at 6 am and get ready to leave my house around 7:45.  I get to school before 8:20 and teach usually between three and five fifty-minute class periods, and for the rest of the periods, sit at my desk and prepare activities or grade papers for the next day, or, if there’s no work to be done, then occupy myself quietly with things like writing fiction.  I leave work at 4:05 at the earliest and 5:30 at the latest, and then I go home and watch TV or hang out with S or write more fiction.  At some point, I cook dinner.  I go to bed around 11 pm every night despite the fact that every day I tell myself I should be in bed by 10.  Thus is my very boring life.

ImageHowever, every so often, I do boring things that I’m proud of or that I think are noteworthy, so I figured since this is my blog, I may as well post about them here.  My feverish obsession with photographing my dinner every night has waned, but I still am proud of the things I’ve cooked.  Corn soup as proved an excellent base for rice dishes… I’ve made it with pasta, also, but I think it works better over rice. I’ve been trying to recreate this really amazing sauce (in cheap, made-by-an-amateur form) I had once at a Chinese restaurant in Delaware that was a corn-based chicken sauce.  I think I’ve been doing it all right.  Also, the ever beautiful S has been bringing me cream of mushroom soup, which they sell at her grocery store but not mine, so that I can make an old staple of my diet: tuna mush!  The name is rather unappealing, I know (I have no idea who made it up…) but it’s actually a delicious mix of canned cream of mushroom soup and canned tuna to make a sort of sauce that goes over rice or noodles.  Despite my sister’s insistance otherwise, the rice version is far superior, so I’ve been making it and putting it over rice!  Additionally, rice is useful because it’s usually what I eat for breakfast (with a healthy dash of furikake, or a Japanese seasoning made up of a variety of dried foods, such as egg bits, nori bits, sesame seeds, and other ingredients… mine has wasabi also and is delicious).

ImageAlso, now that I’m, you know, working for a living, and also because in Japan, online banking is a bit of a rarity, I’ve started up a finances book.  Not that I’m worried that I’m going to spend all my money irresponsibly or anything, but I figure, it’s better safe than sorry… However, since Japan is the land of stickers (seriously, any hyakuen or 100 yen store, similar to dollar stores in America, or stationary store will carry a huge variety of fancy stickers, the sort that in America are used for scrapbooking or crafts) I decided to decorate it!  I also have a variety of Johnny’s stickers that came with magazines, so I decided to use some of those as well.  So… now I can keep my finances in beauty…?

ImageAlso, the view from my apartment continues to be beautiful.  It’s still deathly hot in Gunma, but slowly, I think, it might be starting to cool off soon.  It’s been raining a bit recently, and the days have been getting noticeably shorter.  Hopefully, I’ll continue to have a nice view from my window through autumn and winter, too!


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