Public service announcement: I’m in love… with food.

28 Aug

ImageSo… I’m sorry that this blog is about food approximately every 4 posts, and not even really Japanese food, but the random food that I make in my apartment.  For anyone who’s never really enjoyed cooking in the past, nor had any reason to cook, you may understand the situation I’m in: I’ve discovered that I can actually make delicious things on my own!  And that’s very exciting for me.

But first!  I cleaned my kitchen.  Because JETs inherit their apartments from their predecessors much of the time, it’s sort of luck of the draw what sort of state your apartment is in when you get it.  Mine happened to be full of a lot of my predecessor’s (or her predecessor’s) stuff, which, in some cases, is a generous term for mess.  The kitchen, for example, had some less fortunate and more moldy areas, but with the help of the wonderful S, we managed to get the place looking clean and tidy, hooray! Now I have a clean and relatively clutter-free space in which to cook.

ImageFirst off, chicken and broccoli alfredo!  I managed to find a base for white sauce at my supermarket, and I’ve been excited to use it since then~ They’re small bricks that, when heated with milk, become white sauce.  Yum! Chicken and broccoli have been two of the really main ingredients that I’ve been cooking with, but luckily, they go really well in white sauce (or… pretty much anything).  Those two and garlic powder are basically the staples of my cooking…

ImageNext, burgers!  I bought ground beef with the intention of making meat sauce, but I didn’t have enough red sauce, so I decided to make hamburgers from it instead!  I’ve never made a hamburger in a fry pan before (in fact, the only way I’ve made hamburgers before is on George Foreman kitchen grill…) so it was an experience, and I ended up covered in flying grease, but the end result was tasty enough! They were a little dry because I was afraid of undercooking them, but since I coated them in pepper and, you guessed it, garlic powder, they at least had a good flavor, I think!

ImageAfter that, I tried another white sauce dish, this time with sausages.  It might seem strange, but these small, hot-dog-esque red sausages are fairly common in Japanese cooking, and so I decided to try them out in my pasta.  Helpfully, the packaging gave me tips on how to cute them into cute shapes like octopi and crabs to put into my cute bento, should I have the desire to make one.  Instead, I added them to pasta with white sauce and broccoli, and while sort of unconventional, I think it came out well!  In the future, I think I might cut the sausages smaller… they were sort of hard to eat the way they were and I think they’d probably blend better if they were cut up into really small bits.  So… I’ll try that!  ImageAlso, I bought corn potage (one of the only canned soups available in Japan, for whatever reason) and I’m thinking of trying to make a sauce out of it with the rest of the sausages… we’ll see how that goes!  I feel like it could actually be surprisingly good, depending on what the condensed soup is like, or it could be really awful, so I hope that whatever it’s like, it’s at least edible… I guess I’ll just have to try it and see!

ImageBesides white sauce, I’ve also tried to make both meat and blush sauce. Both were successes!  Red sauce is quite cheap, so mixing it with white sauce or meat definitely makes the latter items go farther!  I didn’t make the blush sauce with anything besides the white and red sauces because I didn’t have any ingredients in the house… Sad but true.  But it came out really well, so I might look into trying it with maybe onions and bacon or something like that.  Bacon is expensive but delicious, so if I used it sparingly, I think it might be okay!

ImageAs for the meat sauce, I think it turned out well!  I made it with broccoli and ground beef, and while if I had let it simmer for longer, I think it would have melded together better, all in all, it was good!  I’m not sure broccoli was the best choice though… maybe later I can find some squash to put in, or something!

On a closing note, school lunches started today!  It was curry, so it was delicious, but some of the items on the menu looked suspicious or I didn’t know what the item was.  I guess I’ll have to wait and see, and when I have a good idea about what school lunch is usually like, I’ll post about it~


2 Responses to “Public service announcement: I’m in love… with food.”

  1. Alice Roth, Grandma August 29, 2012 at 2:04 am #

    Loved hearing about your cooking. I have a tendency to over cook hamburgers also. Your whole blog has been fun to read Now that you have had the introductory ceremony when do you meet your students? I’ll keep watching the blog for news. Grandma Roth

    • jetsetjoshu August 30, 2012 at 5:41 am #

      I met my students yesterday and posted about it! 🙂 Thanks for reading.

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