Just another food post

20 Aug

ImageI know it seems like I’m obsessed with food from this blog, but… well, it is one of the major joys in my life, and I just can’t contain it.  So I’m sorry that this blog is consistently being spammed with food!

First and foremost, I have a confession to make… I’ve sort of become a cooking person.  It’s still not really that cooking is something I super enjoy, but I like being creative with ingredients and I feel like I shouldn’t just eat anything when I can make something that tastes better, especially when I’m cooking for other people.  I’ve been mostly making really simple things that use chicken, onions, broccoli, garlic powder, paremsan, and generic tomato sauce.  Still, the things I make taste pretty good, I think.  I’ve been eating them for dinner Imageand bringing them to school in bento, or Japanese lunch boxes, originally wood and lacquer but now usually plastic.  Pasta in a bento isn’t exactly kosher, but… it’s tasty! Perhaps someday I’ll get better at artful bento
arranging, but for now, I’m glad I’m able to bring something to work to eat, even if it is pasta… Soon, school hot lunch or kyushoku will start (much more edible than American school lunch, I’m told, and eaten by most teachers as well as students) and I won’t be bringing bento to work anymore, anyway, so I guess bento art isn’t a necessary skill in my life.  At any rate, I’m sure there will be another post about food when I get to experience kyushoku for the first time once school starts!

ImageI also found something that had been lacking in my life at my local department/grocery store: Anakena wine!  Though my go-to brand of wine in America is “black box,” which is cheap and delicious box wine (I was a college student, okay) Anakena is something my parents almost always have around, and it tastes like home for me!  So I was really excited to see that the brand was sold in Japan, even if it was pretty expensive.  For whatever reason, I can’t seem to find any pinot grigio wine in Japan, and maybe later I’ll discover another brand that’s less expensive that I like, but for now, I’m pleased!  After all, white wine is one of my biggest pleasures in the world, so I’m glad I won’t have to give it up like the last time I was in Japan (my study abroad program forbade drinking, unfortunately).

ImageAs I mentioned above, I’ve been making pretty easy pasta dishes lately, but the one other thing I’ve mastered is meat and broccoli in generic brown sauce, a la Chinese takeout.  It’s not exactly high art or anything, but it’s actually quite tasty!  Broccoli and onions make a little meat go a long way on top of rice, and since in Gunma, vegetables are really quite cheap (they grow them locally!) it’s a pretty good meal.

ImageAs much as I’ve been cooking and eating in, I’ve been able to eat out some, too!  Last Wednesday, we were taken to Takasaki, the largest city in Gunma, for work related reasons, but we also got to go shopping.  We ate at an Indian restaurant in the mall in Takasaki station, and it was delicious!  I had been craving Indian food since I left America, and I got to have it finally, hurray!


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