Arrived in Tokyo!

31 Jul

I apologize for the short and late post in advance; Tokyo Orientation has been intense and all consuming, and tomorrow, I head out to my placement, where I probably won’t be able to get internet for upwards of a month.  But I did want to post to say that I have arrived and am safe in Tokyo!  Some highlights of my Tokyo experience so far have been seeing the Tokyo Sky Tree on the way to the hotel from the airport, going to the Lawson, and, of course, grabbing curry from Coco Ichibanya with my friend C from my time in Japan during fall of 2010.  Image

They’ve also treated us to delicious food here at the hotel, including a really extensive banquet for the first night reception.  It was “Chinese” food as far as I could tell (the Japanese variety rather than the American), and it was delicious, especially the deserts.  The spread was really beautiful, ranging from cakes to tarts to puddings, and I was tempted to try one of everything despite the fact that I’m not even a sweets person.  They had a fruit tart that was delicious, and a matcha or Japanese green tea flavored cake that was amazing.  They also gave us free beer of a brand I had never tried before, and it was quite enjoyable!

ImageMost of the time, I’ve been in various panels, and am incredibly jet-lagged and sleep deprived, but one thing I have been enjoying is Japanese TV!  I’ve been able to see some of the Olympic events that might not be shown in America, as well as some music shows and variety programs featuring groups I like.  I’m quite the fan of a few j-pop groups, so I’m enjoying finally being able to see them on TV!  I’m looking forward to getting a little more time to figure out the TV schedule and figure out when the shows I wish I could watch in the US are on TV here.

I know this isn’t quite a whole post, but I’m exhausted and tomorrow, I’ll be whisked away to Gunma, where, as I mentioned, I’ll be without internet for anywhere from 2 to 5 weeks.  Though I have a prepaid phone, I won’t be able to sign a contract (and therefore get a phone with a data plan) until after I’ve gotten my residence card, which, I’m told, should come to me in about 2 weeks.  It’s the same situation for internet, but without the instant gratification of being able to use it right away since there’s a long set-up process involved, so it will be at least two weeks until I can use the internet from a smartphone and more until I’ll have internet on my computer.  I may be able to use internet cafes or something of the like, but I’m not sure at the moment.  I’ll do my best to keep this blog up to date, but in a worst case scenario, I’ll update with photos and more stories from orientation when I get internet again!


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